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LeadBeet travel seekers are actively researching their next big adventure online, but prefer to book with a travel professional.

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    What Does a Travel Seeker Lead Look Like?

    LeadBeet Travel Seekers are actively looking to purchase travel.


    They have a budget, destination & dates in mind and are looking to finalize their itinerary with a travel professional.  They often know which tour provider they want to use and match up well with the targeted demographic of that provider or tour type.


    Choose Your Seekers

    LeadBeet provides you with the precise clientele that best meets your agency’s goals.


    Whether you want to focus on a specialty (River Cruises, Ocean Cruises, Coach Tours, Adventure Tourism, etc) or specific providers, LeadBeet’s system whittles down matches to the exact travel seeker you’re looking for.

    Sent Just To You

    LeadBeet travel seekers are not from a stale database, or shared with multiple agencies.


    We understand that timing is crucial to your close rates. As soon as a travel seeker requests assistance with their booking, they are connected instantly with you. Connect with your seekers the moment they ask for help!

    He’s One Smart Beet!

    LeadBeet works on your account daily to get you the best chance at booking your next client.


    Over the last 8 years, LeadBeet has designed a data science program that analyzes the quality of your leads on a continuous basis. Along with your feedback, we are able to perfect your matches every month.